Waterproof, Arc Resistant, Flash Fire Raingear

Rampart Resources & Associated Standards

high visibility rating
flash fire rating comfort rating
electric arc

Rampart™ 8500 Series

NASCO has the ability to create high quality corporate images using ink silk-screening, single and multi-color heat transfers and reflective logos using 3M Scotchlite™ technologies.

8503JFY 3-piece set in sleeve three-needle stitched and taped seams on jacket, roll down 3-piece hood/collar(Velcro rolldown) finished hem on hood, barrel locks on elastic hood cord, zipper front with Velcro closure fronts and stitched inner fly, 2 front inside pockets with facings, elastic back at waist with regular hemmed fronts, 3M Scotchlite™, sleeve takeups with tabs and Velcro, fall protection access with welt, anti-wicking at bottoms and sleeves attached to a permanent liner.
8500TFY Plain front bib overall, three-needle stitched and taped seams, lined top, side takeup adjustments with deluxe tabs, leg zippers with underfly and zipper hood, takeup tabs at bottom of cuffs, and FR black elastic with quick-release buckles, and 3M Scotchlite™.
8501PFY Elastic waist, fly front, three-needle stitched and taped seams, leg zippers with uderfly and zipper hood, takeup tabs at bottom of cuffs, 3M Scotchlite(TM).

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