Waterproof, Arc Resistant, Flash Fire Raingear

WorkClassic Resources & Associated Standards

WorkClassic™ offers time-tested durability and protection for workers in rugged and demanding industrial work environments. Its soft, reinforced inner fabric adds to the comfort, making this a great product for many applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Waterproof – Provides resistance to water penetration
  • Heavy Duty – Holds up to extreme conditions
  • Durable – Reduces number of replacements
  • Tear Resistant – Increases durability and reduces number of replacements
  • Classic Ribbed Exterior – Helps shed water
  • Soft, Fleece-Like Lining – Wicks moisture away from body
  • Limited Flame Resistance – Self-extinguishes within 2 seconds when exposed to vertical flame test ASTM D6413

Recommended Applications

  • Construction
  • General Industry
  • Pulp & Paper Mills
  • Food Processing
  • Municipalities

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