FR Thinsulate


FR Thinsulate™ Liners

Electric Arc Rated liners keep your ArcWear™ suit working as hard as you do year-round.

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NASCO ArcWear™ FR Thinsulate™ Liners

NASCO offers fleece and insulated liners to add warmth and versatility to our ArcWear and PetroWear products. They can be used as a stand-alone jacket or as a removable liner. Either way, the added options to an outerwear program mean more value.

3M FR Thinsulate™ materials available include 120g and 200g weights. Both options provide electric arc and flash fire protection.

Multi-Hazard Protection:

  • Arc Rated – ASTM F1891
  • Flash Fire Rated – ASTM F2733

FR Thinsulate™ Resources & Associated Standards

Electric Arc

ASTM F1891 & NFPA 70E


Flash Fire

ASTM F2733


Cold Weather

Features & Benefits

  • Removable – Transforms a product into a four-season garment
  • Insulated – Provides protection from cold weather
  • Electric Arc Resistance – Minimizes burn injury from an electric arc flash
  • Flash Fire Resistance – Minimizes burn injury from a hydrocarbon flash fire
  • Fall Protection Access – Allows for easy use of fall protection harness

Recommended Applications

  • Gas & Electric Utility Line Workers
  • Telecommunications & CATV Installation
  • Oil Refineries
  • Gas & Oil Service Contractors
  • Gas & Oil Drilling

FR Thinsulate™ Specific Material Data

Fabric Indura® Ultrasoft® Face Cloth
3M Thinsulate™ FR 120 (120g/m²)
Indura® Ultrasoft® Liner Cloth
Finished Weight 12.5 oz/yd²
Seam Construction Overcast / Overedge
Color(s) Grey
Electric Arc Data ASTM F1959 Arc Rating (EBT) 37 cal/cm²; HAF 93%
Flash Fire Data ASTM F1930 8.73% Total Body Burn

FR Thinsulate™

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NASCO has the ability to create high quality corporate images using ink silk-screening, single and multi-color heat transfers and reflective logos using 3M Scotchlite™ technologies.