MP³ is the light weight, breathable, versatile protective Nomex® outerwear system available today.

    NASCO MP³™

    Industry-proven, MP³ is truly a Multi-Protection outerwear system. It is  waterproof, windproof and breathable protection against electric arc, flash fire, chemical splash and heat stress hazards. This unique combination of safety and comfort make the MP³ the perfect choice for the multi-hazard work environment.

    Multi-Hazard Protection:

    • Arc Rated  – ASTM F1891
    • Flash Fire Rated  – ASTM F2733
    • Waterproof

    MP³™ Resources & Associated Standards

    Electric Arc

    ASTM F1891 & NFPA 70E

    Flash Fire

    ASTM F2733


    ASTM E96 & F1868

    Cold Weather

    Features & Benefits

    • Removable Winter and Arctic Liners Available– Transforms raingear into a 4-season garment
    • Fall Protection Access– Allows for easy use of fall protection harness
    • Stain & Soil Release – Allows garment to remain clean
    • Chemical Splash Resistance – Minimizes burn injury from splash exposure of certain chemicals
    • Electric Arc Resistance – Minimizes burn injury from an electric arc flash
    • Flash Fire Resistance – Minimizes burn injury from a hydrocarbon flash fire
    • Steam and Hot Liquid Protection – Reduces risk of burn injury from steam and hot water
    • Waterproof – Provides resistance to water penetration
    • Wind Proof – Protects workers from the elements
    • Breathable & Lightweight – Reduces worker heat stress
    • Designed With Premier Features – Maximizes worker functionality
    • Multi-year Life Cycle – Reduces overall program cost
    • Download our MP3 Feature Benefit Advantages

    Recommended Applications

    • Well Servicing
    • Drilling Rig Operations
    • SAGD
    • Heavy Oil
    • Oil Refining and Processing
    • Pipeline Construction and Maintenance
    • Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling
    • Gas and Oil Extraction

    MP³™ 3000 Series Specific Material Data

    Nomex® IIIA outer shell; Nomex® knit inside
    Moisture Barrier
    Finished Weight
    7.5 oz/yd²
    Seam Construction
    2 needle stitched and sealed with Nomex® tape
    Yellow (Y), Navy (N)
    Reflective Trim
    3M™ 9720 Reflective material
    Flash Fire Data
    ASTM F2733
    3.82% 2nd degree; 6.55% 3rd degree, body burn 3 second test exposure with 2 cal/cm² / second heat flux.
    Electric Arc Data
    ASTM F1959

    Yellow: Arc (ATPV) 9.3 cal/cm²; HAF 75.7%; Breakopen >24 cal/cm²

    Navy: Arc (ATPV) 9.7 cal/cm²; HAF 76.8%; Breakopen >27 cal/cm²

    NFPA 70E Yellow – HRC 2; Navy – HRC 2
    Breathable Data
    ASTM E96,
    ASTM F1868
    ASTM E96 results are MVTR = 10,000 g/m2/24hr, modified desiccant method;
    ASTM F1868 results are THL = 579 w/m²
    Chemical Splash Data
    ASTM F903
    Click here for test data

    MP³™ 3000  Series Stock Items

    7.5 oz/yd² Nomex® trilaminate, ePTFE moisture barrier, Arc Resistant (ASTM F1891, NFPA 70E), Flash Fire Resistant (ASTM F2733), Chemical Splash Resistant (ASTM F903), Stitched and Taped Seams, Waterproof, Breathable, Windproof, Made in the USA.


    Navy waist length jacket, hood-in-collar, fall protection access, 2 side entry pockets, tool belt slit with zippers, attachment points for removable liners, 3M Scotchlite 2″ reflective trim around waist and sleeve cuffs.




    Navy bib style trouser with fly front, FR elastic suspenders with quick release buckles, non-conductive leg zippers, FR Velcro® take ups, 3M Scotchlite™ 2″ reflective trim at calves.


    These items in yellow and other styles may be available by special order. Please contact Customer Service for more information.

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