PetroLite™ is a versatile protective Nomex® outerwear system.

    NASCO PetroLite™

    PetroLite™ provides unmatched durability and protection for workers exposed to foul weather as well as electric arcs, flash fires, chemical splash and hot liquid hazards. PetroLite’s versatility allows for the cost-effective use of one product in a multi-hazard work environment.

    Multi-Hazard Protection:

    • Arc Rated  – ASTM F1891
    • Flash Fire Rated  – ASTM F2733
    • High Visibility Rated – ANSI 107
    • Waterproof

    PetroLite™ Resources & Associated Standards

    Electric Arc

    ASTM F1891 & NFPA 70E

    Flash Fire

    ASTM F2733

    PetroLite™ will be YOUR choice for FR rainwear.

    The protection you need to get the job done.

    Features & Benefits

    • Electric Arc Resistance – minimizes burn injury from an electric arc flash
    • Flash Fire Resistance – minimizes burn injury from a hydrocarbon flash fire
    • Chemical Splash Resistance – Minimizes burn injury from splash exposure of certain chemicals
    • Steam and Hot Liquid Protection – reduces risk of burn injury from steam and hot liquid
    • Waterproof – Provides resistance to water penetration
    • Feature Rich Design– Maximizes worker functionality
    • Durable – Reduces the number of replacements
    • Heavy Duty – Holds up to extreme conditions
    • Download our PetroLite Feature Benefit Advantages

    Recommended Applications

    • Well Servicing
    • Drilling Rig Operations
    • SAGD
    • Heavy Oil
    • Oil Refining and Processing
    • Pipeline Construction and Maintenance
    • Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling
    • Gas and Oil Extraction
    • Tank Cleaning
    • Chemical Handling and Transport
    • Chemical Processing

    PetroLite™ 9000 Series Specific Material Data

    Nomex® IIIA
    Moisture Barrier
    FR Neoprene
    Finished Weight
    9.2 oz/yd²
    Seam Construction
    2 needle stitched and taped
    International Orange
    Reflective Trim
    3M™ 8710 Reflective material
    Electric Arc Data
    ASTM F1891
    BO: Arc Rating (ATPV) 27 cal/cm²; HAF 89%; Breakopen >35 cal/cm²
    NFPA 70E
    BO – HRC 2
    Flash Fire Data
    ASTM F2733
    8% 2nd degree, 1.8% 3rd degree
    Chemical Resistance
    ASTM F903
    Click here for a list of chemicals tested
    Visibility Data CSA Z96 Class 3 (level FR)

    PetroLite™ 9000 Series Stock Items

    12 oz/yd2 Nomex®, Neoprene moisture/chemical barrier, Arc Resistant (ASTM F1891, NFPA 70E), Flash Fire Resistant (ASTM F2733), Chemical Penetration (ASTM F903), Stitched and Taped Seams.


    International orange waist length jacket, elastic waist, non-conductive zipper front with dual over flies and snaps, hood-in-collar, fall protection access, inner cuffs, 2 patch pockets, Velcro® sleeve take ups, 3M Scotchlite™ 2″ reflective trim around sleeves, down each front, around waist, “X” on back per CSA Z96.


    International orange bib style trouser, plain front, FR elastic suspenders with quick release buckles, non-conductive leg zippers, FR Velcro® take ups, 3M Scotchlite™ 2″ reflective trim at knees and calves.


    International orange waist length jacket, half-elastic waist, hood snaps, non-conductive zipper front with snap fly, Velcro® sleeve take ups.


    International orange bib style trouser with fly front and FR elastic suspenders with quick release buckles.


    Detachable hood for 9001JBO.

    3M Scotchlite Reflective Material
    DuPont Nomex

    Nomex® is a registered trademark of DuPont. It is used under license by NASCO Ind.
    3M and Scotchlite are trademarks of 3M.

    NASCO has the ability to create high quality corporate images using ink silk-screening, single and multi-color heat transfers and reflective logos using 3M Scotchlite™ technologies.